Spring Summer 2019: Fashion Trends

Starting with Fashion Week in New York, going through London and Milan, and ending with Fashion Week in Paris, there have been so many trends. We can’t complain, there are options for everyone. We can take a little here and a little there and take over the trends for Spring Summer 2019 and put the stamp of our own style. Fashion for Spring – Summer has always been characterized by having a street style, vibrant and comfortable. These are the trends that will be seen everywhere:


1.- Off the shoulder tops

Off the shoulder tops are no new, rather it would be that they had never go out style. They will be huge this Spring Summer 2019, because, first, the weather is fantastic and, second, because they are so comfy. You can wear them with shorts, skirts, jeans. etc.



2.- Tie tops

These tops, along with shorts and swimwear, is synonymous of Spring Summer. Even tops that are not intended to tie, we tie them too. The most common are the ones that sit at waist, but now thay are also wear very short.



3.- Ruffled blouses

They were in trend last year and will continue in trend this Spring Summer season. They are very versatile, depends with which you pair them you could use both day and night and go from a romantic look to a super sexy.


4.- Sleeves as Protagonists

Nothing of minimalism for this year. In Spring Summer 2019 sleeves will have so much personality and a lot of volume. Just let the rest of the outfit under the radar.


1.- Maxi Skirts

In Fall Winter 2018-2019 were trending midi skirt. Now this Spring Summer 2019 will be trending maxi skirts, which makes our figure looks longer and very femenine. You can wear them for a casual look but for a more dressy look too.


2.- Feathers

Feathers are for the most daring and slim ones. They look so elegant, expensive and resemble the 20s style.

Black dress with feathers trending in Spring Summer 2019


3.- Bermuda shorts

Way back are the hot pants. Bermudas look good in averyone and can be used them both with tshirts and jackets.

4.- Biker shorts

Are trending since last year Fall. Ideally wear them with blazers, that although you probably won’t wear them to work at the office, the style is perfect for any other ocasion.

Spring summer 2019 biker shorts trend


5.- Cargo pants

They’ve keep been confortable and useful as in the 90s, but now they are most elegants.

Full Body

1.- Patterend suits

Dots, stripes, flowers, anything that you can think of, you could wear them this Spring Summer 2019.

Spring Summer 2019 polka dots suit

2.- Pastel suits

This is one of the most strong trend this Spring Summer 2019. If you will only invest in just one trend and you like to wear suits, then this is it. Jackets can be used tailored or oversized and pants could be long or short, skinny or wide leg and oversized. Your imagination is your limit.

Pastel pink suit trending this Spring Summer 2019

SourceSpring Summer 2019 pastel blue suit


3.- Jumpsuits

They are so versatile, you can wear them with sneakers for a day casual look and with pumps for a night look. Jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers will be everywhere this Spring Summer 2019.

Spring Summer 2019 striped jumpsuit


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4.- White

A full white outfit will be trending. No matter what you wear as long as is all white. Is so easy to wear especially in the hot months of Summer.

All white look Spring Summer 2019


5.- Black

Take your dark side to a walk wearing a all black outfit. Is so elegant, sophisticated and we look more thinner. What else could you ask for? This season I will be in trend because I wear almost always in black, no matter the season we are.

Spring Summer 2019 all black trend

6.- Fringe, fringe, fringe

The designs with fringes are so glamorous. For the night you can’t go wrong with a top with fringe and for the day a top with short and boots.

All black outfit with fringe jacket and boots Spring Summer 2019

SourceSpring Summer 2019

Mix and Match

1.- Neon

Even though this trend is not for all of us, you can’t deny that you won’t  go unnotice.

Neon pink top and green midi skirt with leopard print bag and shoes

SourceNeon pink pants trending this Spring Summer 2019


2.- Animal Print

Animal print is not going anywhere. Leopard print is still the favorite one, but will also be used snakeskin.

Sneakskin top with pleated midi yellow skirtSource

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3.- Tie Dye

From the DIY we used to make in the 90s to the most sophisticated designers pieces. There are very striking and also very elegant and femenine clothes.

Baby blue tie dye maxi dress

SourceTie Dye maki skirt


4.- Crochet

They are not only used in beach cover up any more. They are used in the most sophisticated and elaborated clothes too. Always prefer that they are a little on the loose side.

 Crocket black, white and cream maxi dress trending Spring Summer 2019

5.- Dominant colors of the season

All the shades of cream, yellow is still trending, metallic colors, lavander and mint green.

50 shades of cream trending Spring Summer 2019Lavander one shoulder maxi dress trending Spring Summer 2019Source



Before you run to buy , check your closet first. Many times you have something you can adapt. Besides, all trends don’t pair with your personality. So you have to be selective at the time to choose and buy. Keep in mind that the best way of try a trend is with accesories. And last, take over Spring Summer 2019 trends and make them yours with your personal touch, because we love to be in fashion but we don’t like to be wearing a uniforme.



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