How to ADAPT Fall trends to warmer climates

Autumn has the best climate: it doesn’t come with a suffocating heat or intense cold. That is why it is considered the best season of the year. This is true for people who live where the seasons are well differentiated and live each season with their own climatic conditions. What happens then to the people who live in countries where the whole year feels like …


What to eat to reduce chronic inflammation

In recent years, basically due to modern life, Inflammation is very common. And this doesn’t come alone. It is accompanied by joints pain, headaches, thyroid problems, allergies, weight gain, excessive fatigue, skin problems, etc. The type of food, stress and the low quantity and quality of sleep are the main culprits. So to reduce inflammation the first thing to do is adopt an anti-inflammatory diet. …


The ULTIMATE guide to planning a Cruise Vacation

The first thing I have to say is that Cruise vacations are the best vacations. I have traveled with my family on cruises five times and we are always convinced that we will return. And there are cruises for all preferences and activities for all tastes. But for everything to go well and to fully enjoy the holidays, everything must be planned and follow some …

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