Detox from Holidays, Hair, Body and Skin Care

January is for Detox! During the Christmas season we punish a lot the body and the skin for all the disarrangements that we make and we’ll need to Detox for a faster recovery. Yes, it is true that all those parties, meetings with friends that we have a lot that we don’t see, parties and dinners at the office and family gatherings, are most of …

DIY LS,Home Decor

Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Decorations

This year the christmas decorations have to be with what I have strictly at home because I have a budget challenge of only use twenty bucks. But, thank God and my eagerness to buy when I see something I could use later, I have many things. I have foam cones and crowns of different sizes, ribbons of different colors, golden beads and Christmas balls of …


DIY Makeup brushes cleaner

Source: Unsplash When I makeup myself I usually end up with no time, even to order the makeups I used, much less to clean the brushes. Brushes should not be used many times without wash them, especially if we have certain skin conditions, such as acne prone skin, sensitive, etc., in addition the makeup in the brushes accumulates bacteria that can damage the skin. I use …

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