Easy and Affordable DIY Galentine’s Day Gifts

Galentine’s Day is Valentine’s Day for girl friends. February 14 is around the corner and while all Valentine’s Day preparations are around couples and boyfriends and everything romantic, cute and sexy that may exist, to celebrate with friends the day is February 13, which is known as Galentine’s Day.

In the United States Galentine’s Day has been celebrated for several years now and it came to intelligently occupy the empty space of when to join friends to celebrate friendship day.

Galentine’s Day is obviously a celebration just for girls or Gals. Some usually prepare a theme party where the first rule is “girls only”, which makes it super fun.

If you have many friends, Galentine’s Day gifts for every one of them will be expensive, or maybe you would like to give something more personal, with more added value because you took the time to do it.

In addition, coworkers, neighbors and teachers of your children’s school, will love these Galentine’s Day DIY gifts.

There are some gifts that you can make personalized and that will be super easy to make or assemble. Here are 10 ideas:

Galentine gift idea 1.- Wine and chocolates. Beautifully presented in the form of pineapple.

Wine and chocolate? Yes please be my Galentine's Day friend

Galentine gift idea 2.- Basket-strainer with everything needed to prepare that special recipe, which can be customized for Italian, Mexican, French, etc.

Strainer basket Galentine's Day gift

Galentine gift idea 3.- Succulents in chocolate cup, a mug or bowl. Succulents are easy to maintain and look so beautiful!

A few succulents in a mug or cup is so beautiful you could do it for all your gals

Galentine gift idea 4.- Powdered homemade cocoa mix. This recipe is absolutely delicious, but you can get many more on Pinterest, including white chocolate.

Galentine's Day gift idea diy hor cocoa mix

Galentine gift idea 5.- Serum to grow eyebrows and eyelashes. The trend of thick eyebrows is not going anywhere and this is a help to grow faster and fuller.

DIY gift eyelashes and brows serum

Galentine gift idea 6.- Birthday Cake sprinkles body scrub. Not only does it smell delicious, it also makes the skin so soft and looks beautiful and colorful.

This is my favorite Galentine's Day present: body scrub

Galentine gift idea 7.- Felt balls and cork coasters. They look so beautiful you will want to make them for yourself too. They can be made multicolored or 2 or 3 colors.

One of the best Galentine's Day diy gifts: felt and cork coasters

Galentine gift idea 8.- Homemade banana bread. No one can resist this delight. It’s just an idea, if your specialty is oatmeal cookies or a drunk sponge cake that is what you should do and deliver it for what it is: a beautiful and delicious gift.

Banana bread

Galentine gift idea 9.- Personalized mug with the name or initial of your friend’s name, or even with her affectionate nickname.

DIY Galentine's Day sharpie personalized mug

Galentine gift idea 10.- Bookmark shaped like a cat or her favorite pet. If she is a frequent reader, this gift will be greatly appreciated.

Perfect gift that your reader friend will love

You are still on time, go to your nearest department store, buy everything you need and prepare these DIY. You will be the favorite friend. Guaranteed!





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